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Venturing began in 1998 as a BSA program for young men and women aged 13 (who have finished the 8th grade) to age 20. 

Venturers belong to a Crew. As in Boy Scouting, there is a sponsoring organization such as a local Rotary Club, VFW, or a church. Venturing will appeal to those that are interested in learning more about a broad range of interests in a collaborative and supported environment. Since each Crew designs the program to meet their own particular interests it may help visit programs in your area to find the right fit. 

Venturing is supervised by trained adult leadership, however the Crew is youth led. meaning that youth members elect their own youth leadership, delegating responsibilities to other youth or adults in order to develop their own program. Youth are taught by more experienced members of the Crew as well as adults in order to learn the skills to advance, have fun, and experience a rewarding program. 

The Venturing program is unique because it utilizes extreme outdoor adventure as the method for building character, peer-to-peer bonds, and independence.

  • Adventure
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Leadership

Whether your teen is preparing for high school or getting ready for college, the program is flexible enough to meet his/her needs. Venturing is time well spent for your youth.

Venture youth are limited only by their imagination! 

Who can be join Venturing?

Anyone young man or woman who has completed the 8th grade, is at least 13 years old, and is not older than 20. It's not uncommon for a Boy Scout, Sea Scout, or a Girl Scout to belong to a Crew. 

Advancement in Venturing

A variety of awards are available to Venturers who accomplish specific achievements. These awards include:

  • Venturing Ranger Award
  • Sea Scouting Quartermaster Award
  • Quest Award
  • TRUST Award
  • Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Venturing Leadership Award

These core awards are designed aaround adventure to reflect this engaging program, which challenges Venturers to experience activities beyond their typical routine. They include:

  • Venturing Award
  • Discovery Award
  • Pathfinder Award
  • Summit Award

Where can I find more information?

You can search for a local Crew using our Unit Search Tool, click here. Also, if you have more questions or have an interest in starting your own crew, feel free to email us here.

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