Welcome From The Council Key-3

Welcome to the Twin Rivers Council Scouting Family.  If you have recently joined the Scouting program, we would like to be among the first to welcome you. 

We are here to serve you and your Unit.  Scouting is a family based program.  We hope you are able to spend time with your Scout.  Being a volunteer leader or a Unit parent volunteer is very rewarding.  Get involved and use Scouting for what we do best:  Bringing Adventure to Life.  The Twin Rivers Council has over 14,000 members, many activities and adventures.  Take advantage of as many as you can.

Please be sure to visit our website often to check on all the upcoming activities and programs.  Our Scout Shop is located in AlbanyExternal Link and has a complete inventory for all your Scouting needs.

Join MyCouncil and get the latest updates and news about Scouting in Upstate New York.

Again, welcome to the Scouting program.

Good Scouting,

Rick Weerts
Council President
Drew Chesney
Council Commissioner
Mark Switzer
Scout Executive/CEO