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NEW Eagle Board Procedures Effective April 1, 2017


The following outlines the proposed procedure for conducting Eagle Candidate’s Boards of Review for the entire Council:

1. Effective April 1, 2017, all Eagle Scout Boards of Review will be conducted at the District level.

2. The procedure prior to conducting the Board will remain the same.

a. The Unit will process the application through Council.

b. The individual designated by the Unit to serve on the Board (usually the Unit Advancement Chair) will contact the references.

c. Upon completion of above, the Unit will contact the District Advancement Chair with proposed dates and location for the Board. The District Advancement Chair will designate the District representatives on the Board who will finalize the date and location of the Board.

3. All Boards of Review will consist of five individuals consisting of two representatives from the District Advancement Committee (one of whom will usually be the District representative previously working with the candidate), a representative from the Unit, and two outside individuals familiar with the requirements for being an Eagle Scout. The outside individuals may include the references provided by the candidate or other members of the community. Should the Unit not be able to identify these outside individuals, the District will attempt to do so. The District representatives should not be associated with the candidate’s Unit. One of the District representatives will serve as the Chair of the Board.

4. The Board will be conducted at a time and place that will be mutually convenient for all involved taking into consideration the availability and location of the parties.

5. District Advancement Committees will recruit new members to serve as District representatives on the Board. These individuals will be requested to attend training offered at the University of Scouting regarding the proper conduct of an Eagle Board of Review.

6. Should a Unit fail to certify a candidate for a Board, upon a request on behalf of a candidate, a Board of Review under Disputed Circumstances shall be conducted by the District. Such a Board shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Guide to Advancement.

7. All appeals from a District Board of Review shall be at the Council level in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Guide to Advancement.


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