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Aquatics Programs

Our waterfront is on Sly Pond, a nearly 50 acre pond that is owned entirely by the camp.  Aquatics offers time for instructional swims for non-swimmers and beginners to improve their swimming skills and confidence in the water.  Kayaking, Snorkeling, Mile Swim and B.S.A. Lifeguard are offered at the waterfront as well as the following merit badges: Canoeing, Kayaking Lifesaving, Rowing, Small-Boat Sailing, Swimming.   B.S.A. Lifeguard can be a challenging way for a more experienced scout to spend the week.  Open swimming and boating is offered daily at 4 PM.

The Aquatics area also offers many activities for the troop to consider for evening program such as Water Polo, Whale Hunt, Surf Ball, Troop Swim and Troop Boating.  These are just a few ideas your Scouts can plan for your troop.  Remember safety comes first, last and always so plan to the capability of your Scouts.

Scouts taking B.S.A. Lifeguard should remember to bring a pair of long pants, belt, socks & shoes, and a button up long-sleeve shirt for clothing inflation requirement.

In addition to the merit badges we offer BSA Waterfront Awards:
Aquatics Supervisor, Snorkeling, BSA Lifeguard, and Mile Swim.
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